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Top new questions this week:

Kial ne ekzistas "post ol <verbo>"?

Jen estas paĝo de PMEG. Ĉe la parto pri "aliaj rolvortetoj", estas dirite, ke oni povas diri "antaŭ ol <i-verbo>", sed ial ne "post ol <i-verbo>". Speciale ...

asked by Mona the Monad 3 votes
answered by Eduardo Trápani 4 votes

Kiel esprimi moviĝon de unu flanko de objekto, kiu troviĝas super vi, al la alia flanko?

Mi serĉas esprimon por la jena tipo de transa moviĝo. Estas du aŭtovojoj: unu pasas per ponto super la alia. Vi veturas sur la malpli alta vojo. Kiam vi preterpasas la ponton, vi unue iras sub ĝin kaj ...

prepositions phrase-requests  
asked by Joffysloffy 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you say "pesto" in Esperanto, referring to the sauce?

According to PIV and all other dictionaries I used, pesto is an infectious disease, rather than an tasty Italian dish. On the other hand, there is a Wikipedia article, which doesn't provide any ...

asked by Aviadisto 6 votes
answered by Neil Roberts 6 votes

Where can I find free Esperanto audiobooks?

With audiobooks, we can enjoy the literature in Esperanto handfree and anywhere. Where can I find some of them?

literature resources  
asked by Vanege 17 votes
answered by Milo Minderbinder 9 votes

How do I type the Esperanto letters on Windows?

What methods or programs are available for typing the characters with accents on system Windows and Windows Mobile?

typography technology diacritics  
asked by Charlotte SL 23 votes
answered by Andrew Young 25 votes

Is there a word for extended form of "lol" ("lolololol...")?

What is the Esperanto word for lololololol? In Esperanto, the word for lol is mdr (multe da ridoj). In many languages, there is also an extended form of internet slang for expressing laughter, with ...

asked by Zuoanqh 5 votes
answered by Raúl 3 votes

When should I use "tio" and "tiu"?

I have two examples from Duolingo that puzzle me: Whose is that? Kies estas tio? Whose car is that? Kies aŭto estas tiu? Why is tiu used in the second example? Why does the introduction of the ...

asked by Mike Brady 19 votes
answered by Vanege 13 votes

Is it possible to say the time in 24 hour?

Is it possible to say the time in 24 hour in Esperanto, like 22:34?

word-usage word-choice phrase-requests  
asked by Keir 7 votes
answered by Neil Roberts 5 votes

How is the Ĥ letter pronounced?

The way people explain the pronunciation of the Ĥ letter is rather confusing. The sources I've seen explained it in two very different ways: 1) Like the German CH (like in Sternchen), which is in the ...

pronunciation diacritics  
asked by Spooikypok_Dev 5 votes
answered by Tomaso Alexander 3 votes
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