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Use of Esperanto in Science Fiction

I noticed that there are several Esperanto references in the British sci-fi series Red Dwarf: by the lifts the level is written as Nivelo, and one of the main characters keeps trying (with little ...

asked by Oliver Mason 6 votes
answered by Tomaso Alexander 5 votes

How do you say "a meme" in Esperanto?

Some words combined with an image can go viral and really stay in your head. This is a pretty universal concept. So how does one say it in the international language? How do you say "a meme" in ...

asked by Charlotte SL 11 votes
answered by Mike Jones 5 votes

Does Esperanto use the abbreviations "i.e." and "e.g."?

Since both i.e. and e.g. both come from the Latin id est and exempli gratia, respectively, does Esperanto use the same abbreviations? If not, then what are the Esperanto abbreviations?

asked by Chris McDowell 16 votes
answered by Neil Roberts 30 votes

Is word formation of Esperanto not accurate?

We know that Esperanto has two ways to create a word: Using a root word and adding suffixes, or borrowing a word from other languages and reforming it. However, I doubt that the former method could ...

asked by Sheechen Hol 6 votes
answered by Eduardo Trápani 8 votes

What is the difference between "per", "por", "pri" and "pro"?

What is the difference between per, por, pri, and pro? All these words look and feel sort of similar to me. What are the possible uses for each of them? How do I decide which to use?

prepositions word-meaning  
asked by Lynn 14 votes
answered by Lynn 16 votes

Are there any good Esperanto communities for beginners?

I'm brand new to Esperanto (8 days as of this writing of this), and given that it is a constructed language, there is no region where one can go to for immersion. So my question is, are there any ...

learning movado  
asked by amflare 10 votes
answered by Vanege 13 votes

How does one express "to share" in Esperanto?

There seems to be several words in Esperanto that all correspond to the English verb "to share". Right now I can think of dividi, diskonigi and kunhavi. I'd love to see a collection of them all, and ...

verbs meaning-in-context  
asked by Antonia Montaro 26 votes
answered by Vanege 34 votes
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