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Kial oni evitas "prepozicio + infinitivo aŭ KE"

Mi aŭdis, ke la esprimoj "prepozicio + infinitivo" kaj "prepozicio + ke" ne estas rekomendindaj ekskluzive de kelkaj esceptoj (por, sen, krom kaj anstataŭ). Ĉu oni evitas tiajn ...

word-usage word-meaning prepositions  
user avatar asked by rk03 Score of 3
user avatar answered by das-g Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it clear what seks- means?

In English, the word sex has two meanings. One is about something you are (gender, male/female etc.) and the other is something you do, which I find difficult to describe in few words, but I am ...

user avatar asked by Antonia Montaro Score of 5
user avatar answered by Tomaso Alexander Score of 6

How many Esperanto pun words are there?

There are some words I know: kolego (kol-eg-o) as in "-Kial ĝirafo neniam estas sola? -Ĉar ĝi havas kolegon." laŭtema (laŭ-tema aŭ laŭt-em-a) trafike (e-vorto devenas el trafiko aŭ tra-fike) as in ...

user avatar asked by Sonjo Score of 13
user avatar answered by miĥaŭ Score of 9

How does one express "to share" in Esperanto?

There seems to be several words in Esperanto that all correspond to the English verb "to share". Right now I can think of dividi, diskonigi and kunhavi. I'd love to see a collection of them all, and ...

verbs meaning-in-context  
user avatar asked by Antonia Montaro Score of 27
user avatar answered by Vanege Score of 41

What is the difference between "pli" and "plu"?

What is the difference between pli and plu?

user avatar asked by Janpaulido Score of 22
user avatar answered by makis Score of 18

How has Linux geek culture reacted to Esperanto over the years?

In this question there is an answer that comments "There was for a long time resistance in some parts of the Linux world to Esperanto, so it seems it was only this year that the Esperanto localization ...

culture history  
user avatar asked by esperblue Score of 12
user avatar answered by Jiri Lebl Score of 9

Where do I find online bookshelves with ebooks or PDFs written in Esperanto?

Since Esperanto has existed since 1887, there should be some ebooks (e.g. original texts or early translations), maybe also some later works that were made available for private use by the author/...

literature books resources  
user avatar asked by Drakfauxko Score of 11
user avatar answered by kristan Score of 10

What is a good choice of textbook?

My question is this: I'm thinking about starting a club at my university for learning and using Esperanto. I want to adopt a group textbook and work through weekly assignments so it has the classroom ...

learning course  
user avatar asked by DonkoXI Score of 8
user avatar answered by Lee Score of 7
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