Reta Vortaro says "krizo", but emergency medicine is urĝeca medicino, not "kriza medicino". I'd like to say something equivalent to "Notsituation" or "Notlage". I'm not sure if krizo is the best translation of this. Can someone clear this up for me?

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Krizo is crisis and krizokazo is an event precipitating or heralding a crisis. PIV gives the medical sense of "crisis" first (i.e. turning point in illness), and marks all other uses as figurative. However, what you are looking for is probably urĝaĵo. See the entry in PIV:


1 urĝa afero.

2 [⚕] Akcidento aŭ ekmalsano, urĝe kuracenda.

People facing a medical emergency are urĝuloj and are treated in an urĝejo by urĝistoj.

For "state of emergency", Wells gives esceptostato, danĝerstato.

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