I find this expression very useful, when, for example, I am talking with people I haven't been in touch with for some time.

How is school going?
How is your project going?

I've seen others use Kiel iras...? or Gxi iras bone, but I doubt this is good use of the verb iras. Can iri be used in this figurative way? What are some other options?


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The expression Kiel vi fartas? can be used for the almost identical phrases How are you? and How is it going?

On the other hand, using iri for that purpose is also possible. According to vortaro.net, the eighth meaning of iri allows the following sentence:

Kiel iras via komercaĵo?

It means something like how is your business progressing?

  • Kiel vi fartas works for the fixed expression "How is it going?", but I was looking for something more adaptable, which you anwer in the bottom part. I edited my question to make that clear. Oct 1, 2016 at 20:48

Iri can be used, but I'd suggest:

Kiel prosperas...? How is... going? (lit., prospering, succeeding [in])

and to make it more adaptable:

Kiel prosperas al vi la laboro, tiu projekto, ktp...? How is your work, that project, etc, going?

Ĉu vi prosperas loĝi sola? Are you managing fine, living on your own?

Zamenhof used prosperi + (verb) in this way:

ĉu prosperos al la homoj veni al interkonsento pri tiu ĉi elekto? (Fundamenta Krestomatio)

It even appears in the New Testament:

Amato, mi preĝas, ke al vi prosperu ĉio, kaj vi bonsanu tiel same, kiel prosperas al via animo. (3 Johano 1:2)

  • Using iri makes the sentence seem Italian (Come va? where va is the Present Tense of Italian for go, third person singular). I prefer too using prosperi, even if this could just be a style matter.
    – apaderno
    Oct 2, 2016 at 5:46

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