How can I translate perfectionist in Esperanto? It is tempting to say perfektisto, but since this is a personal trait and not a profession I'm sure that would be incorrect. What about perfektemulo? Or does that describe a person who is perfect? That is certainly not what I'm looking for.

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perfektemulo is the most natural to me. Someone who likes to be perfect. Moreover the -emulo phraze is really very Esperantesque.


The suffix -isto is not limited to profession, it can also imply a vocation, see Esperantisto or naciisto.

However, since you want to describe a trait, perfektemulo is a good choice. If you want/need to be more precise, you can coin perfektigemulo = individual with the inclination to make things perfect.

I can't find any occurrences of perfektisto, perfektemulo or perfektigemulo in tekstaro.com. I got troigemulo and mortigemulo (once each) which are also built with -ig-em-ul-o.


Mi ĉiam diras ke mi estas "perfektema" por perfectionist tendencies… Certe "perfektemulo" bone funkcias.

Mi trovis uzon de tiu vorto en la Fejsbuka grupo: "Mi estas perfektemulo".

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