When I was looking for how to say relational database in Esperanto - rilata datumbazo I came across the alternative datenbazo. What's the difference and what speaks for the use of datumbazo in favor of datenbazo?


According to PIV, datumo (the basis of datumbazo) and dateno (the basis of datenbazo) are synonyms, so I would assume datumbazo and datenbazo are also synonymous. However, PIV does not contain datumbazo, and says that datenbanko is preferable to datenbazo.

However, I personally rarely hear datenbazo, and komputeko.net, which is generally a good source for computer terminology does not contain it. Also, searching datumbazo in Google yeilds 5,920,000, while searching datenbazo only gives 228,000 (datenbanko only gives 6,500), which tells me it is more commonly used.

You could, then, argue for whichever you like the most - there's nothing about relational databases in the Fundamento. I assume that PIV prefers dateno/datenbazo/datenbanko is because it's easy to assume that datumo = dat (date) + um + o, which doesn't really make logical sense.


Personally I have never heard the word datenbazo, to my recollection. Datumbazo strikes me as being very common and is the word that I always use for this.

I had never known the word dateno, only datumo, so to my eyes "datenbazo" looked almost like the word "dato" receiving the accusative of direction (-en) and joining with "bazo", which created (to my mind) kind of a strange nonsense word. I wouldn't say this is a strong argument against the word dateno, its a legitimate synonym after all, but if you're going for easy comprehension I though I'd just mention that for me (and so I'm guessing for the average Esperanto speaker, though of course I could be wrong), datumo is a more quickly recognized root.

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