From ReVo I know that creationism is kreismo in Esperanto. Is then kreismulo a person who believes in creationism?

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If kreismo is creationism (which I would agree with) then, creationist would be kreismano, as a creationist is a member of creationism.

  • So kreismano, kreismulo, kreismisto kaj kreismemulo are possible translations? I would incline myself to what @johannes-mueller said since kreismo is more of a belief system. Oct 10, 2016 at 21:20
  • The ending -isto has two uses: 1) to denote a profession labori → laboristo and 2) to denote a supporter of an -ism marksismo → marksisto. Since kreismo is an -ism it is tempting to call a member as kreisto. But if you see just the word kreisto and decipher it, you easily land on the first use, a profession, since kreismo isn't that well-known. Then you wonder, professional creator of what? Therefore kreismano is more clearer. Feb 17, 2020 at 12:59

I think kreismulo (or even kreismisto) is a safer choice, as kreisto also means "creator" and I'm not sure I would understand it correctly as referring to a follower of a belief system.

An item in Monato uses kreismemulo. I would interpret that as "sympathizer with Creationism".


In nearly every case, -ismo transforms regularly to -isto*. That is, if the starting point is kreismo, then someone who follows this school of thought is a kreisto.

It is of course possible to form an expression ending in ismano, but I have primarily seen this when the isto form is taken for something else - for example, Esperantismano is used for members of Esperantismo, since Esperantisto is defined simply as Esperanto speaker (regardless of the purpose they use the language for.)

I can't say that I have ever heard the word kreismo used, but a little bit of poking around the web suggests that it has at least some traction. Any objection to kreisto with this sense would apply equally to kreismo with this sense.

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