Neither Revo nor Lernu gave me any results. I tried both the American and British spellings.

These are some keywords from a website defining "cozy": small, warm, comfortable, pleasant, friendly. Maybe it is possible to work from there.

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If cosy (cozy) is komforta, varma, intima it must be hejmeca or even hejma.


I tried looking for the equivalent Bulgarian/Russian word уют in ReVo. I found a translation for the Russian one there, and it gives: komfort/o. I guess there is not a more specific one, at least in ReVo.

Mi provis serĉi la egalsignifan bulgaran/rusan vorton уют en ReVo. Mi trovis, ke estas traduko por la rusa, kaj ĝi estas: komfort/o. Mi supozas, ke ne ekzistas pli ĝusta vorto, almenaŭ en ReVo.


Ultimately, the focus needs to be expressing ideas and not translating words. Think about the idea you're trying to express and ask yourself what Esperanto words can express that idea. You're on the right track looking at the keywords from the definition. Another method could be to check an English-language thesaurus.

  • comfortable
  • comfy
  • cushy
  • intimate
  • snug
  • safe

Do any of these express your idea? What do you find in a bilingual dictionary for them? Do the definitions of those translations express your idea? Komforta is a very good suggestion, but the question really is whether this expresses your idea, and only you can answer that.

Another thing you could consider is getting a paper dictionary. Benson (CEED) actually has an entry for "cozy" - which includes komforta and gemuta. The latter is from the PIVS and doesn't seem to be in overly wide use.


In John Wells’ dictionary there is:

cozy komforta, varma, intima

Maybe the best solution would be to just use both words: mi ŝatas la etoson de la gufujo, ĝi estas komforta kaj intima.


Cosy is a combination of comfortable, warm, enclosed, safe.

The closest, most general equivalent is gemuta (based on gemütlich from German—try a Google Image Search on that word), followed by hejmeca (homely). If I didn't like either I might try a compound, tuŝvarma, nestbela, or hejmtuŝa or something like that.

Other words and expressions you may consider are:

  • tuŝanta sceno (touching scene), sereniga vidaĵo (calming sight)

  • remburita (upholstered), pufeca (puffy), kuseneca (cushiony)

  • molmola (utterly soft), lanugeca (downy, fig.), liteca (bedlike)

  • anguleto (nook), ĉambreto (little room), nesteca (nestlike), ĉirkaŭbrakeca ("hugsome")

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