I have found the structure tre eble meaning probable according to one definition of Reta Vortaro. Is this use of tre eble correct? As I understand it now, tre eble means that something is very likely to be a possibility, not that the possibility is very likely to happen.

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My sense is that tre eble is an odd thing to say, and that tre verŝajne makes more sense. However, there are two references to it in Tekstaro (in the same work), and this link seems to suggest that it's OK.


The argument seems to be that rejecting tre eble would require rejecting kiel eble plej.


If you want to say that something is probable or likely to happen you should say ĝi probable okazos or ĝi verŝajne okazos.

Ĝi eble okazos means that it is ebla, ne neebla, not impossible: ĝi povas okazi, tia okazo ne estas neebla, ĝia probablo ne egalas al nulo.

Tre eble is just emphasizing that it is possible, not saying much about the likelihood of such a thing happening, just that the probability is definitely not equal to 0. But in everyday language you don't pay much attention to such logical thinking and it is quite possible (= tre eble?) that tre eble is used where (most) likely would be appropriate.

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