If I want to speak about the team of a project, should I use teamo or skipo?

I know that teamo is originally for a group with the same objective in a sport, while skipo is for every kind of group of people working together.

Would it be an error to use teamo for the group of people behind a project, as in La teamo de Amikumu? I have tried both, and in practice, teamo is more understood, even if the team has nothing to do with sports.

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It's very common and perfectly OK to use teamo as a synonym for skipo.

Look up the use of "teamo" at tekstaro.com. It seems most uses in the magazine Monato are nothing to do with sport, and in La Ondo de Esperanto (published in Russia) there are more references to sport, but also "la redakcia teamo", "la pariza teamo de UEA", etc.


I would use skipo, as this is technically the correct meaning you want.

I personally consider the use of teamo an Anglicism. English has only one word for both concepts: team. So people get confused. But it's not like that in, say, Bulgarian:

  • отбор = teamo
  • екип = skipo (which also sounds very similar, like: ekip)

Mi uzus skipo, ĉar fakte tiu estas la signifo, kiun vi celas.

Persone, mi kredas, ke la uzo de teamo etas anglismo. La angla havas nur unu vorton por la du signifoj: team. Do parolantoj konfuziĝas. Sed en aliaj lingvoj, kiel en la bulgara, tio estas malsama:

  • отбор = teamo
  • екип = skipo (kiun oni elparolas tre simile: ekip)
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    For what it's worth, I picked up the word teamo in this broader sense from someone who is not a native English speaker, and neither does he live in an English-speaking area. Oct 24, 2016 at 10:23

An additional source:


Perhaps not authoritative but can serve as an example of the use of 'skipo' in a work environment.


Good question. In general, if you have competing roots that are not official/Fundamentaj, you can check some dictionaries (prioritizing the more authoritative ones), for example using Vikia Vortaro.

Then, a look to bonalingvo.net can help decide if you really need a new non-official root for that.

Having done that, I'd suggest you go for team-o. It feels more general and the definition en PIV includes skip-o as synonym.


PIV ends its definition of skipo with

…k eventuale alternanta kun alia simila grupo

So I'm inclined to think skipo as a shift in work. La malsanulejo funkcias tagnokte en tri skipoj.

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