I first found out there was a club in my city through a JEF, young European federalists event, but it took quite some time - and the help of a friend - until I went there the first time.

How do I find out if there is an Esperanto club in my city?

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There are a couple of possibilities:

  1. google Esperanto + yourcityname (by this way I found an event in my city)
  2. search on Facebook for Esperanto + yourcityname
  3. ask the Esperanto organization of your country how to contact the local group
  4. ask on Telegram in one of the language groups or in the main group, be patient
  5. ask on Facebook in the biggest Esperanto group (more than 20k people)

I would like to second what Aviadisto said, especially the google search. Esperanto in my own city is very easy to find and comes right up in a google search. I've said before that if people can't find us, they're not really looking.

There isn't really one good way to look -- or even five good ways to look - so look every possible. Picking up where Aviadisto left off:

  1. Check meetup.com
  2. Contact the Esperanto club of a neighboring city.
  3. Search Duolingo for references to your city name.
  4. Check out the search tips at "Trovu Samurbanon" on FB (https://www.facebook.com/Trovu-samurbanojn-E-istojn-%C4%89ie-586767024717907/)
  • Oh cool, "Trovu samurbanojn!" - tion mi sxatas. Commented Oct 24, 2016 at 20:17

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