What is the best way to say 'to sleepwalk'? Paŝi dormante? Dormiri? Dormpaŝi? Paŝdormi?

Maybe something similar can be constructed for talking while sleeping too.

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Your own suggestions are fine, although dormiri might be misunderstood as "to go to bed."

Easier alternatives to somnambul- are the adverbs (dum)dorme, dormante and the verb dormvagi:

  • Li parolis, gestis dumdorme.
  • La bebo movadis siajn manojn dormante.
  • Inter la aĝoj kvar kaj ok, mi ofte dormvagis.
  • What is dormvagi? I cannot find it in PIV or ReVo… Commented Oct 31, 2016 at 7:21
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    From dorm' + vagi Commented Oct 31, 2016 at 10:17
  • Dumdorme strikes me as a little heavy and unnatural. I found two references in the Tekstaro - one was a reference to talking in ones sleep. The other was about doing something to someone in their sleep. It would be good to know if these words and examples are your own coinages or whether you picked them up somewhere. Commented Oct 31, 2016 at 13:54

Somnambul'i is to sleepwalk.

Which is derived from:


"Homo nerve malsana, kiu dum dormo senkonscie k senmemore iras, parolas k agas, kvazaŭ li estus maldormanta k konscia"

"A person nervously sick who, during sleep, unconsciously and without remembering, walks, speaks, and acts, as though they are awake and conscious."



Somnambulo is the normal word for sleepwalker, and moderately common. This gives us somnambuli.

I note that of your suggestions dormiranto is in actual use.

From Al Torent: La urbo estas vigla dum la tago, tamen la taga vivo estas sonĝeca, similas al la agoj de dormiranto, La okuloj de la homoj estas pezaj kaj nebulecaj. Nur kiam vesperiĝas kaj ĉiuj stratoj brilas en la lumo de la malgrandaj sunoj, kiujn la homo mem kreis, komenciĝas la vera vivo.

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