Long time ago, I found a good word about bullying. It is not ĉagreni because it is longer, but it is not turmenti because it is milder. I would like to find the word and to adapt it to mean "school bullying", and then adapt it again to mean "school bully".

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I think the best way to capture “to bully” is the verb ĉikan·i. PIV defines it as:

Intence fari al iu maljustajn ĝenojn, malagrablaĵojn, malhelpojn, por sentigi al li/ŝi sian superecon.

So “a bully” would be ĉikan·ant·o, if it's a person who was bullying in a moment we're talking about, or ĉikan·ul·o, if it's a person who often bullies other people. The noun “bullying” would be ĉikan·ad·o, which is the translation used in the Esperanto Wikipedia.

  • That's just one of several definitions in PIV. Wells glosses it as "to quibble." The definition you cite seems more like hazing than bullying. Jan 3, 2017 at 1:52
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    ĉikan·ant·o is perfect in my opinion
    – Lumo5
    Jan 3, 2017 at 8:03

Wells and Benson (CEED) - both dictionaries worth having in your library - list tirani for "to bully." Wells also has brutali.

From PIV (vortaro.net):

  • brutal/o. Krudaĉa, perfortema, kruela homo
  • tiran/o. [...] Ordonema k senindulga mastro

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