At first, I thought these words made a pair just like malsanulejo-hospitalo, where both words are used exactly the same, just having different origins. But, in some chat group I saw people commenting somebody's use of piedpilko. They said that that spekti piedpilkon means looking at the actual ball, and not following the game, which is usually the meaning intended. I'm thinking this pair is more like televidilo-televido, where one is the object and the other the phenomenon as a whole. Am I right?

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  • Piedpilko may have the same meaning as piedpilkado, which is a general name for association football, rugby, American football and other similar sports. (Vikipedio) (NPEV)
  • The main meaning of piedpilko is the actual ball used in these games. (Vikipedio) (ReVo)
  • Futbalo is association football (abbreviated as soccer in the US). (Vikipedio) (ReVo) (NPEV)
  • Yes, I think that the differences is between the football as american and the soccer (american) that in the rest of the world is called football
    – Mte90
    Nov 5, 2016 at 23:43

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