Top charts (official or no) with some reputable \ experiensed editors would be of great help to people who are trying to find good music that would also help learning the language and immerse into the culture.

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The closest place to documenting popular Esperanto music by sales is Vinilkosmo. They actually sell downloadable Esperanto music.


There is one on Spotify now! It is based on the number of times each song has been played (which is possible for any user to find out really, just takes some time to check 900 songs).


These are the top 10:

  1. Liza pentras bildojn - Persone
  2. Ni chiuj ni - Dolchamar
  3. Dankon - Jonny M
  4. Televido - La Perdita Generacio
  5. La vionolisto - Kaj Tiel Plu
  6. Esperanto - Jomo
  7. Sub fortepiano en kiev' - La Pedrita Generacio
  8. Nun mallumas ekstere - Persone
  9. Hieroglifoj - La Porkoj
  10. Pli ol nenio - Martin & La Talpoj

I don't think so. However, Youtube and Google have their own algorithm for putting the "best" content at the top of the page. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=esperanto+music


The closest that I know of are the various sites that function as focal points for Esperanto music. Muzaiko springs to mind.


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