Is there any difference between ree and denove? I mostly see denove used, but ree seems like a logical substitute for such cases.

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Denove is the traditional way of saying ”again” in Esperanto. Ree is made from the prefix re-, so it’s a bit more ”fresh and slangy”, I’d say.

You could compare it with antaŭa versus eksa: Mi estis tie kun mia antaŭa koramikino vs. Mi estis tie kun mia eksa koramikino. The former sounds a bit more formal, but the difference in meaning is slight.

Hooray for synonyms, I’d say! :-) Which one to use depends on the setting. I think I’d go with the second phrase below:

  1. Li ree restartigis sian komputilon.
  2. Li denove restartigis sian komputilon.

Also note the Esperantigo of the great fantasy classic The Hobbit, or There and Back Again: ”La Hobito aŭ Tien kaj Reen.” Tien kaj Denoven would be wrong, so the synonymity is not perfect in this case. :-)

  • +1 for the Hobbit mention... Also, as an aside: there are practically no perfect synonyms in any language, as that would be wasteful. There are degrees of similarity in meaning and usage (which includes style & register, for example). Commented Dec 7, 2016 at 8:50

Yes. It is a substitute: http://www.reta-vortaro.de/revo/art/re.html#re.0e

I like denove better because it is easy for me to say.

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