If you really think about it, some magical guy entering your house through the chimney in the middle of the night is kind of creepy. But how do you say creepy in Esperanto?

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I think timetiga is fine. Dictionaries give things like tremiga and harstariga. Here are some ideas:

  • koboldeca, diableca, fantomeca — goblinish, devilish, ghostly

  • harstariga, (tim)tremiga — hair-raising, shiver-inducing

  • maltrankviliga — causing unease

  • perturbanta — disturbing (usually literally)

  • misa — wrong, out-of-kilter

  • antaŭsentiga — causing a feeling in advance (usually apprehension)

  • mava; maveska, mavŝajna — evil; with the trappings of evil

  • ŝteleca, ŝteleska — stealthy

  • minaca, misaŭgura — threatening, ill-omened

  • I like a lot of those suggestions :-). But some of them seem more spooky than creepy (tricky distinction, I know)...
    – kristan
    Commented Dec 13, 2016 at 23:17

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