I’m looking for a suitable translation for the object named “mat” in English and used in e.g. gymnastics or yoga: that is, either a piece of foam covered in vinyl/plastic/leather or a piece of PVC/rubber without filling.

Esperanto has the (fundamental) word mato but according to the definition in PIV, it has to be a woven piece, such as a door mat or the one placed on the floor in many Asian cultures:

maldelikata kovraĵo aŭ tapiŝo el plektita pajlo, junko, basto, stipo ks

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I'd simply use mato. Most of the meaning is there in the PIV definition. I wouldn't worry too much about the woven part. Most languages would probably have similarly defined a mat before other types were invented.

Of course if you want to specifically say a gymnastics mat: gimnastika mato, gimnastikmato

Or a yoga mat: joga mato, jogmato

Other possibilities are: vato (wadding, vati - to pad), or pufo (padding, puff)

  • vato is already reserved for the material kombita k premita kotono. maybe vatmato then? almost unpronounceable! :-D thank you for the suggestion.
    – interDist
    Dec 16, 2016 at 8:10

The right word to use is certainly mato. PIV is notorious for presenting definitions that contain details which do not hold for all the objects nameable by the defined word.

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