Could someone please advise whether the statements below are correct?

Ŝajnas al mi, ke ni ĉiuj konsentas pri tio. (It seems to me that we all agree on this.)

Ŝajnas al mi, ke tio estas nun klara. (It seems to me that this is now clear.)

Thank you.

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Yes, those are correct. In English, the "it" is just a dummy that refers to the phrase with "that" in it. It's not necessary in Esperanto - just like you don't need an "it" in "it's raining" (pluvas).

The second sentence would be better with tio:

  • Ŝajnas al mi, ke tio estas nun klara.

If you had a list of sentences and were talking about just one, you could use tiu.

In this context ĉi is not necessary. It's important to express ideas (as you have done) and not translate words. Just because someone expresses an idea with "this" in one context and "that" in another, doesn't mean that we need to fuss about tio vs tio ĉi when the context doesn't call for it.


Yes, those are entirely correct! Note that generally tio makes more sense in the second sentence, but tiu is fine here as well and works better depending on the context.

By the way, ‘this’ would be ĉi tio or tio ĉi rather than just tio.

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    I'm voting this answer up, but do note that the last line ("By the way, ‘this’ would be ĉi tio or tio ĉi rather than just tio.") This kind of comment is a symptom of the problem of translating words rather than expressing ideas. There are countless contexts in English where "we agree on this" and "we agree on that" mean the same thing - and in Esperanto there's no actual need to express ĉi tio except to contrast with tio. If there is no simple tio to contrast with, then the ĉi is not required. Jan 23, 2017 at 12:40
  • @TomasoAlexander You're absolutely right. I just put it there to go with the most direct translation, because I do not know the context of the original sentences and in some contexts the distinction might be relevant. Jan 23, 2017 at 13:17

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