In ESPDIC I found some suggestions for a translation of the English word sweater: svetro, svetero, ĵerzo, pulovro, trikoto, and trikotvesto; some of these may be found on Vortaro, but none of them have particularly accurate-seeming definitions, and none of them have Vikipedio entries. Which of these, or perhaps which other word, is the most fitting translation for the English word sweater?

En ESPDIC mi trovis kelkajn sugestajn tradukojn de la angla vorto sweater: svetro, svetero, ĵerzo, pulovro, trikoto, kaj trikotvesto; kelkaj el ĉi tiuj troveblas en Vortaro, sed neniuj el ili havas difinon tre akuratŝajnan, kaj neniuj el ili havas enigon en Vikipedio. Kiuj el ĉi tiuj, aŭ eble alia vorto, estas la plej taŭga traduko por la angla vorto sweater?

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svetro is quiet common in colloquial language according to my experience. However pulovero is more often found in dictionaries (vortaro, revo).

  • So is svetro really used in practice? I used to think it was just a misspelling of svetero, because this is how it appears in dictionaries.
    – marcus
    Aug 27, 2018 at 15:23

Svetero = Malformala torsovesto el mola ŝtofo. http://www.reta-vortaro.de/revo/art/sveter.html#sveter.0o

Non-formal garment, worn over the torso, made of soft fabric.


While svetero is listed in PIV, I can't say I've ever heard it in use. There are no hits for this word in Tekstaro.

Pulovero is in common use (both in Tekstaro and according to my personal impression), and is also listed in PIV

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