I know there are sometimes ads in Esperanto magazines. What I’m really curious about is: Has any ”big” company ever published an ad in Esperanto?

I’m thinking about multinational brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s etc. The bigger the better, in this particular case! ;-) It would be interesting, for example, to see a typical slogan (”Obey your thirst!” etc.) rendered into Esperanto, and to know why the company chose the language.

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In the magazino Monato I saw full page ads of Bosch, of Agfa. Maybe it would be a nice job for a rainy day to go through my collection.


When I was at the Universala Kongreso in Berlin in 1999, an employee of the company made a big deal about showing me an ad for Bosch in the Kongresa Libro or in some other magazine that was easily available at the time. I'm sure this sort of thing is fairly common - that is, common enough that they could be collected into an interesting coffee table book were someone so inclined.

  • A coffee table book is a really great idea! :-) Has anyone got enough of these ads to start a collection? (Which could then later be turned into a book.)
    – Bjørn
    Apr 29, 2017 at 7:36
  • That magazine was Monato. I found the list now of the ads that appeared in Monato: Agfa-Gevaert, Berthold Bolz, Bosch, GB, Kredietbank, Manfred Schauber, Mitsui & Co, Novotechnik, Siemens, Unitech. Willy VOIT GmbH & Co. KG Apr 16, 2018 at 11:40

Littlewoods, which at the time was a popular high street chain in the U.K., ran a TV advert in 2013 which was widely reported to be in Esperanto. I remember some criticism by esperantists online who claimed the dialogue wasn't completely intelligible or syntactically correct, but it did lead to a few stories about Esperanto/ conlangs in mainstream UK media.


Actually, when visiting The Esperanto Village (Herzberg Am Harz) in Germany, I was shown a full collection of professional, full-quality, full-color promotional materials produced by, for example, Fiat--multi-page full-size flyers filled with promotional Esperanto text. It was surreal and quite impressive.

I don't recall all of the companies I saw, unfortunately, and these adds were a bit older--60's or 70's.

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    The FIAT material (flyers, a small dictionary of automotive terms, etc.) dates back to the 60's and is to be credited to Giuseppe Grattapaglia, who was then a FIAT employee in Turin. When he left for Bona Espero, FIAT stopped producing anything Esperanto-related.
    – Dario
    Mar 19, 2018 at 17:51
  • Interesting. Vikipedio supports your assertion: eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giuseppe_Grattapaglia
    – Kyle Baker
    Mar 28, 2018 at 5:37

I have seen adds of internationally known flight companies in Esperanto -- in the context of informational material for the Universala Kongreso, as UEA partners with some flight companies for the organization of this event.


I saw a video by British Telecom with Esperanto in it. This article mentions British Telecom using Esperanto for marketing: Esperanto wird 125 Jahre alt


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