Version control systems are tools used in software engineering. They come with a specific vocabulary which is sometimes difficult to translate unambiguously.

Komputeko translates version control system as versikontrola sistemo, while Vikipedio proposes versitena sistemo. The latter seems more correct to me, since to control does not translate as kontroli. But more generally, I could not find a comprehensive and reliable Esperanto lexicon on this field. Komputeko lacks a lot of basic terms. A translation of a Git handbook has been started, but for now it is very limited. Have I missed a better source?

Some terms have a straightforward translation:

  • version: versio

  • branch: branĉo

  • to pull: tiri

  • to push: puŝi

  • to clone: kloni

For others, I have doubts:

  • repository: deponejo?

  • to commit: konfidi, submeti?

  • pull request: tirpeto, aldonpeto?

  • to fork: forki, disbranĉi?

  • to merge: kunfandi, kunfluigi?

  • working copy: labora kopio, laborkopio?

  • to checkout: ?

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TLDR; Try looking at examples of people discussing VCS in Esperanto.

After looking at the Github page for Pasporta Servo, I found some ways of expressing these terms. They are not all perfect translations, but they are at least understood.

  • versio -> version
  • branĉo -> branch
  • tiri -> pull
  • puŝi -> push
  • deponejo -> repository
  • ŝanĝaro / enmeto -> commit. It seems there is not a widely used translation.
  • rebazi -> rebase
  • peti tiron -> pull request

For all the other verbs, I have uncommonly seen people use fari followed by a command. Here's an example from gitter:

mi faris git checkout -b prod

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