Okay, I’m cheating a bit, since I already know about one true homonym in Esperanto: radio (meaning radio or ray). Do any others exist?

I’m looking for single word roots with divergent meanings, so no puns like kol-ego ⁓ kolego.


Sendube estas multaj. Jen listo el Vikipedio.

  • eno (tio kio estas ene de io) - eno (japana monunuo)
  • kubo (matematika figuro) - Kubo (lando)
  • gama (rilate al gamo) - gama (greka litero)
  • ĉar' (= ĉaro) - ĉar (pro tio ke)
  • koro (organo) - koro (mezurunuo.
  • golfo (akva areo) - golfo (sporto)
  • Karolo (nomo) - karolo (himno)
  • flustro (mallaŭta parolo) - flustro (insekto)
  • soleno (ceremonio) - soleno (konkulo)
  • radikala (atinganta la fundamenton) - radikala (rilate al radikalo)
  • vato (kotono) - vato (unuo)

Mi scias ke mi vidis pli en PIV kiuj ne estas en la vikipedia listo.

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There are a few:

  • Kubo and kubo the country Cuba and a cube respectively;
  • golfo the sport and a gulf;
  • vato cotton and the unit watt;
  • piĉo vulgar word for female genitals or pitch.

There are probably a couple more, but I cannot think of any others. I will edit this answer if I find any incidentally.

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  • Both of you perfectly answered the question. I just felt it was most fair to select Tomaso’s answer as the ”correct one”, since he provided a longer list. A pity one cannot select two answers as the answer! :-) – Bjørn Oct 1 '17 at 12:28
  • 1
    @Bjørn Fair enough! Yes, that indeed is a pity! – Joffysloffy Oct 1 '17 at 16:21

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