Is there a main newspaper in Esperanto, something like Le Monde for French or Süddeutsche Zeitung for German?

Also, where could I find videos in Esperanto, for example, a YouTube channel or another website? The main feature is that the videos contain conversations fully in Esperanto and that the language is spoken fluently.

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The Esperanto-USA Retbutiko has several newspapers & magazines available for subscription.

Independent magazine published in France by a group of well known Esperantists. Excellent Esperanto and geared more toward cultural expression than the Esperanto movement. Illustrated 32 pages (245x165) per issue. 6 issues per subscription sent by airmail. Available throughout the year.

Monthly magazine of general international interest published in Belgium. articles on current affairs and in-depth reports on different parts of the world plus various special columns. Although in Esperanto, it does not concern itself with the Esperanto movement. It is more like a genuinely international Time or Newsweek. Illustrated.


It's a magazine, not a newspaper, but ILEI (Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj) hosts a HUGE PDF archive of the Juna Amiko magazine in a publicly available Google Drive folder. The magazine is written in simple Esperanto and is geared toward younger readers. It has issues from 1972 to present (minus a 2-year waiting period to encourage subscriptions). You can subscribe to the magazine with a UEA subsidiary or directly with ILEI (I couldn't figure how to subscribe directly though). Here's the info from the ILEI magazine site:

"Perantoj en trideko da landoj akceptas abonojn, eblas tra la abonservo de UEA ĝin mendi, ankaŭ rekte ĉe la kasisto de ILEI."


There is a "movie" adaptation of Gerda Mapaleris! from the group Imagu Filmoj on Youtube. The audio quality leaves much to be desired, but it includes Esperanto subtitles. The film is entirely in Esperanto.


I would start with Monato and Esperanto Variety Show


Le Monde diplomatique legeblas rete



The answer is no. I too wish for a CNN International style online news service in Esperanto. But, someones with resources and money will have to make one first. Maybe some day.

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