Which language is the origin of the suffix ING? Wiktionary doesn't mention its etymology and I can't find a language with a similar suffix.

De kiu lingvo venas la sufikso ING? Vikivortaro ne mencias ĝian etimologion kaj mi ne povas trovi lingvon kun simila sufikso.

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    La vorto "fitting" por (nespecifa) ingo (de lampo) povus esti origino, kvankam mi ne havas ian bazon pri tio.
    – Joop Eggen
    Commented Apr 1, 2018 at 13:37

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Both Cherpillod (Konciza Etimologia Vortaro, p. 199) and Vilborg (Etimologia Vortaro de Esperanto, S-Z, p. 161) consent that -ing- stems from the German suffix -ling (masc.), which has a very broad meaning (Flüchtling 'refugee', Liebling 'darling', in Esperanto it in most cases would be -ul(et)o) and in the word Fingerling 'finger stall' exactly matches Esperanto fingr/ing/o.

So probably -ing was extracted (by conscious or unconscious metanalysis) from the single German word Fingerling.

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