house-sitter, babysitter, dog-sitter, etc.

Would it be an x-spektisto? domospektisto, bebospektisto, hundospektisto?

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I think something involving the root “vart-” would be suitable. PIV has the following definition:

Gardi k prizorgi estulon, kiu bezonas helpon pro sia juneco, nefortikeco: varti bebon, hundeton;

It has a definition of vartisto as someone who professionally vartas, so I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t say infanvartisto or hundvartisto to be more specific. Here is an example from Vespera ruĝo anoncas ventegon (via the Tekstaro):

Kaj la juna virino — ŝi kredeble estis infanvartistino — ridetis afable kaj entute ŝi impresis miranta.


If you want a general word, you should use -zorganto or -zorgisto. You should prefer -isto for someone who does it regularly or professionally.

If you want to be more specific, there are different verbs from which you can add the ending -anto or -isto:

  • varti for a child, or a weak being like a puppy
  • flegi for sick people
  • mastrumi for a house, a construction

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