Saluton estas mallonga por mi donas al vi saluton, kiel bonan tagon, ĉu ne? Angle, vi ne povas diri I give you hello, do kio saluton signifas sole? (Mi pardonpetas por la malbona gramatiko, mi ne estas fluenta)

Saluton is short for mi donas al vi saluton like bonan tagon, right? In English you can't say I give you hello, so what does saluton mean by itself?

  • You can still say I bring you salutations, which would be a better translation that hello. Apr 20, 2018 at 16:16
  • salut in French is something like hello (more polite though); deriving from the verb to greet, to salute. I think saluton is definitely of French origin.
    – Joop Eggen
    May 3, 2018 at 12:08

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There seems to be two questions here:

  1. What does saluton mean alone?

According to PIV, it means:

Ekstera signo de ĝentileco, kiun oni esprimas per vortoj aŭ movoj al renkontata persono

Which roughly translated means:

An external sign of politeness, that you express with words or movements to someone you recognise.

With this meaning, I don’t think there is anything weird about the phrase mi donas al vi saluton, except that if you actually said it it would probably sound very pompous. Just because in English we would say “hello” in the same situation as we would say “saluton” in Esperanto, doesn’t mean they have the same meaning. Perhaps a closer translation of the word in English could be a greeting or a salutation.

  1. De kio estas “saluton” etimologio?

I would imagine the word has the same etymology as salutation in English. According to the Wiktionary, that comes from the Latin salutatio.

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