Both can be translated to English with Television. What is the meaning of both and how they differ?

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Televidilo is a television set (usually just a called a TV in English), and televido is the general concept (usually used without an article in English).

Here are some examples from Monato:

Ekde la lastjara aŭtuno en la litova nacia televido aperis programo “Malfermu pordon”

Here televido refers to the national system of broadcasting television in Lithuania. If it was televidilo it would imply Lithuania has a single national TV set that everybody has to take turns watching.

Se vi ankoraŭ ne kredas, ke la iraka reĝimo ne helpas al Alkaido, malŝaltu la televidilon, forĵetu la ĵurnalon kaj ekpensu

Here it is referring to the reader's own television set. If it was just televido they would be asking the reader to somehow switch off the television broadcast for everyone.


"Televidilo" is the hardware to watch. "Televido" is the concept.

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    Just to clarify the etymology: -il is the affix for an instrument. So a televidilo is literally an instrument for televido, or generally a TV set. Commented Sep 4, 2016 at 11:18

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