A couple of times when arguing with someone on facebook (an important procrastination activity) I wanted to say something like "something happening would be as if something else happened", as in say "voting for candidate Fiulo would be as if you stuck a fork in your eye". So basically I want to say some action or statement or whatnot would be like something else. I came up with "... estus kiel ...", but it just didn't sound correct. Is that correct? What would be the alternatives?

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I think kiel or even samkiel would be correct in your example. However there is also the very nice word kvazaŭ which I think would work better. Eg,

Voĉdoni por la kandidato Fiulo estus kvazaŭ piki sian propran okulon per forko.

Here is another example of the word being used in a similar way found via the Tekstaro:

[…] kavaliro sen amatino estus kvazaŭ arbo sen radiko […]


Foje oni hezitas pri la diferenco inter "kiel" kaj "kvazaŭ". Eblas legi pri la diferenco en la jena artikolo de PMEG. Mallonge, oni uzas kvazaŭ por emfazi ke la komparo estas "nur ŝajna aŭ nereala", kiel vi priskribis.

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