The dictionary is Esperanto-English Dictionary 1. Feliĉe is Unforatunately in Dictionary

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That dictionary contains an error. Search the word "malfeliĉe" in that dictionary, it's translated by the same word "unfortunately".

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    Dankon! I rely on this dictionary quite a lot, it's really confusing when it shows me incorrect words.
    – leoelazio
    Commented Jan 2, 2019 at 18:28

Gjrnerale fortunately estus la traduko de "felicze", sed en la angla tiu vorto, qvankam logika, pli rara estas,; precipe kun iom negativa tono ankaû en Esperanto preferatus diri " senfelicze" tiukaze, au ecz "misfelicze" ; au se ironie, tiam transfelicze, resp. "hofeliczege".

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