Is there a site or resource that will take an Esperanto word and diagram the different components? For example, given "malsanulejo," the "diagrammer" would return something like:

mal-: prefix meaning "opposite"
san-: root meaning "healthy"
-ul-: suffix meaning "human"
-ej-: suffix meaning "place"
-o: word ending for a noun

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You are looking for a tool that does morphological analysis for Esperanto. There is a great variety of such tools around and I remember that some of them were also trained and tested for Esperanto.

A quick search for "Esperanto morphological tool" brought up a reference to Theresa Guinnard's Esperanto Word Segmenter on GitHub, I am sure there are more tools outside.


I often use Simpla Vortaro. It is primarily a dictionary, with the same database as ReVo, but with a "Vortfarada Serĉo" section which decomposes the entry. If more than one decomposition is possible, they are all listed and the most likely one comes first (for instance with kolego).

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