'Vojaĝi' does not adequately express the idea of an education trip one takes for school. I have some ideas but wanted to know if there was a more mainstream translation that wouldn't confuse the literal use of 'field':

  • Iri en kampa vojaĝo
  • Iri en kampvojaĝo
  • Iri en ekskurso de lernejo
  • Edukvojaĝi


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    I would go for either of the two bottom ones. Don't forget that people with a different native language might not understand what 'field' means here, and could interpret it as an agricultural journey. It's always better to translate the meaning rather than the words. Commented Feb 12, 2019 at 9:30

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In my experience, lerneja ekskurso is the mainstream translation when a high school class is involved, as in mi iros en/al lerneja ekskurso or mi partoprenos lernejan ekskurson. Lerneja tendaro is also used for a high school camp.

For scientists and researchers, with or without their students, the best expression depends on the type of activity: I’ve heard both esplorvojaĝo and surloka esplorado for linguists but for, say, botanists or geologists, esplor-ekspedicio might be better, as it conveys the idea of wild, little known, possibly uncharted territory. Archaeologists embark upon fosad-kampanjoj, and so on.

As Oliver Mason pointed out in his comment, the particular meaning that “field” has here is not conveyed by kampo.

  • So the full phrase might be, iri en lerneja ekskurso ?
    – swinn
    Commented Feb 13, 2019 at 16:11
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    I edited my answer with example phrases.
    – Dario
    Commented Feb 13, 2019 at 16:43

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