I was discussing the situation in Venezuela in the chat about Kernpunkto today, and I was wondering where I could get reasonably up to date information about world news in Esperanto. I read Kontakto, Revuo Esperanto and sometimes Monato and Libera Folio. I'd like a source that focuses on the world outside of Esperanto.

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This website has a collection of news sources in Esperanto:


Some picks from that site that aren’t about Esperanto itself:

There is also of course the community-edited news site Vikinovaĵoj.

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You may try https://eo.mondediplo.com which is the Esperanto version of the French newspaper "Le monde Diplomatique". It mostly deals with international news.


Globobs.com can be a solution as this website translate into esperanto all newspapers from around the world. it looks like they cover all countries as i managed to read news from papua new guinea, botswana and kazakstan. so I guess you would easily find news about Venezuela.


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