Using vortaro.net, I found this definition for "prepucio" : "Haŭta refaldo, mufe ĉirkaŭanta la penisan glanon". I understood the meaning, but I don't know what "mufe" is. Vortaro.net doesn't have it, and I didn't find something satisfying on the Internet.

So, I'm asking you: What does "mufe" mean?

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The advantage of vortaro.net is that as soon as you type something in the search field, it gives you word suggestions. If you begin to type muf immediately a list of words unfolds: mufi, mufo, mufli, etc. The final e in mufe clearly indicates the word is an adverb (mufi is a verb and mufo a noun). The important thing is to distinguish the root of the word, in this case muf. Other online dictionaries (like ReVo) don't have real-time suggestions, so you have to search different variations of the word based on the root in order to find it: mufe, mufa, mufi, mufo. In ReVo you will only find mufo. The advantage of ReVo is that it gives translations in other languages. In this case mufo is muff, a warm tubular covering for the hands. Accordingly, mufe ĉirkaŭanta is surrounding like a muff.

  • Ooh. I didn't think about looking for muf. I copy-paste mufe. ^^. Thanks!
    – Lepticed
    Commented Apr 14, 2019 at 13:16

"Mufo" is a muff (like a glove you stick yours hands in from both sides). So "mufe" would just be "like a muff".

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