I have found many fully translated pieces of Esperanto literature, but I am still a beginner, so these are difficult for me to understand. Therefore I am now looking for texts comprised of both English and Esperanto. Preferably one translation on either side. Do such texts exist, if so, where do I find them?

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Vi povas ŝerci ĉe VikifontaroGutenbergo-projekto tekstojn esperantigitajn de la angla, elŝuti la Ean kaj anglan versiojn, kaj malfermi ambaŭ samtempe sur via ekrano. Ekzemple: La falo de Ûsero-domo de Poe en Eo, en la angla.


The universal esperanto association has a website with easy texts: https://uea.facila.org/ And https://lernu.net has a big library with beginner friendly stories.


There is a nice side-by-side English and Esperanto version of Alice in Wonderland here.


Check the libroservo, the book selling service, at any Esperanto event. I'm sure the libroservisto will be delighted to help! I bought my copy of The Day We Became Cyborg / La Tago de Kiborgiĝo at the JES. It is a bilingual book with the side-by-side English and Esperanto versions you are looking for.

It can also be found in an online shop here: http://espero.sk/index.php?akcia=zmenjazyk&jazyk=EO


Traduku, de William Auld, estas dulingva angla-Esperanta lernolibro.


A great website to check out with interactive literature in the form of stories, music and other such media is lernu.net which requires you to create an account but it is a small price to pay (you don't actually have to pay) for such amazing resources.


La ejo ‘Ekonomia Bulteno pri Usono’, rekte kaj libere atingebla, havas strikte paralelajn tekstojn angla – Esperanta. Jen la ligilo al ĝi:


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