According to vortaro.net, it seems that paf might be the answer but regargind the examples I'm unsure whether there might be some more specific word for the sound of a gunfire. Also, "La adventuro da Tinĉjo" uses it as well (althought it might not be correct).

Is "paf!" the best translation for "Bang!"?


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Yes and it seems you can also use 'pif'. Precisely 'pif, paf!' is mentioned in PMEG as a exclamation/interjection for gunfire and it references Zamenhofs translation of The Ugly Duckling by HC Andersen;

“Pif, paf!” eksonis subite krakoj, kaj ambaŭ sovaĝaj anseroj falis senvive en la kanaron, kaj la akvo fariĝis ruĝa de sango.

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