Developing software encompasses more than just programming it. It may involve

  • determining / defining requirements and/or goals
  • planning
  • software architecture
  • automated testing (which usually involves programming of tests)
  • implementation (the programming of the software itself)
  • manual testing

and various other related tasks.

Is there an Esperanto verb that can be used to encompass this whole multi-faceted process and refer to it as a whole, just like "develop" can be used in English?

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I would still suggest programi.

Komputeko does suggest programi as a translation for "to develop". PIV gives as a definition for programado: "La verkado k ankaŭ la projektado, provado, dokumentado k vartado de komputilaj programoj". Given that, I think it encompasses more than just the actual act of coding, and could in fact be used as a word to describe the whole development process.


disvolvi is a good option that I tend to use. Vincent is right though that generally programi is the better option.

  • Can you explain how "disvolvi" and "programi" differ in meaning and/or use (when applied to making software) and why "probrami" "is the better option"?
    – das-g
    Sep 10, 2019 at 5:38
  • 1
    "disvolvi" means to develop, but in a broader sense. A plant, an animal, an idea, a country, all are things that one can "disvolvi". It also literally means something like unroll/unreel. In the context of software, "programi" is usually better. Sep 12, 2019 at 13:32

My two cents…

Disvolvi is a more broader term, as Eduardo pointed out. Programi encompasses more than just writing the code, as Vincent said. What may throw people off, is that many limit the English verb "to program" to mean only writing code, kodi or skribi kodon.

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