From La Sturmo de Johana Arimo to the animated short Cxapeloj, there are actually quite a few Esperanto movies out there. Which is the most well-known / most watched in Esperantujo? Would that be Gerda Malaperis? (Simply because it's the only one I have seen so far, I think.) I guess criteria could be YouTube views or public displays at congresses where an estimated number of viewers is known.


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That would certainly be Incubus (1966) starring William Shatner. No Esperanto movie has reached anywhere near its fame. After this, I would venture that either the films of Christopher Mihm like Atako de la lunaj zombioj (although some would disqualify this, since it's an English movie dubbed into Esperanto) or Gerda Malaperis. Unfortunately sales statistics for none of these films are public, so past Incubus, it is very difficult to guess what the second most popular Esperanto film would be.

  • Most (in)famous, probably yes. But could it really be the most well-known (in the sense of most watched) one? According to Wikipedia it was released to theaters only in France and considered lost for quite some time afterwards. Have DVD sales made up for that since then?
    – das-g
    Oct 17, 2021 at 10:19

Incubus is pretty much the only full length Esperanto movie so it wins by default. However, I'd say it's infamous due to the terrible Esperanto used.

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