I am a bit confused about which "as" to use in this sentence: "as old as you are"

my attempt: "kiel maljuna lau estas vi"

I'd also like to know when you use each translation for the word as.

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I would translate this as:

Tiel maljuna kiel vi estas

The words that start with k can be used to introduce a subphrase in the sentence. They usually refer back to a word in the sentence that starts t. For example the same thing happens with a phrase like:

Tiu homo kiu lernis esperanton

So you can know which word to use to translate which as because the word before the subphrase is kiel and the one in the main part is tiel.

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    Good answer. Only thing I'd add is that in addition to maljuna, you could consider aĝa in this context. Context might matter to make that decision. Oct 26, 2019 at 10:43

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