One can find many variations of "head office" in Esperanto. For example, from Tekstaro, Wikipedia, Tatoeba, Glosbe etc., we can find:

  • ĉefoficejo
  • ĉefa oficejo
  • ĉefsidejo
  • centra sidejo
  • socia sidejo
  • centra administrejo

I am looking for the right expression for the head office of a company, a corporation.

Are they all correct? Which expression do you see most often?

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UEA uses the term centra oficejo, but I would say, that there is not a single right term (whatever that means here), rather a bunch to choose among. Having said that I find socia and sidejo here a little odd, so I would choose between:

  • centra oficejo: central office
  • ĉefa oficejo : main office
  • centra administrejo : central administration

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