The meaning of "social engineering" I am looking for is the one related to information security, as in the Wikipedia article on social engineering.

I could not find anything at all, no clue anywhere. What comes up is the meaning related to social science: socia inĝenierado, but there is no indication that this expression applies to information security.

I even try to look it up from the French angle: "piratage psychologique" as defined by the Office québécois de la langue française (2007), but I cannot possibly think that it translates to psikologia hakado.

Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

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"Social" in this context refers to psyche (or adjective psychic) as you found out with help of French. If one reads the Wikipedia article, one realises, that it's more a question of manipulating minds rather than mining ore, building and maintaining machines or other engineering activities. So I would say psika manipulado.

Addendum 2021-01-07

I like Eduardo's suggestion of menso for the object of the manipulation, so I revise my answer to mensa manipulado. And if you need to express that it concerns technics for or study of the manipulation:

  • tekniko por mensa manipulado
  • studo de mensa manipulado

       and so on


I like Juha's answer, but would like to propose another one. Given the meaning of trompi (Intence erarigi por sia profito aŭ pro nura malico) and menso (Tiu parto de vivanta estaĵo, kiu pritraktas informojn, konscie aŭ ne) I propose:

mensotrompa tekniko

I cannot explain why, but I find mens more adequate than psik for this.

  • Indeed menso sounds good in the given context so how about mensa manipulado? Commented Dec 17, 2019 at 8:01
  • mensa manipulado bonas. Depende de la situacio oni povus aldoni teknikosciencofako por pli bone priskribi la amplekson de la afero (kaj la fakton ke studoj, scienco kaj esploroj subtenas ĝin). Commented Dec 17, 2019 at 13:18

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