Does anyone know of a good text to speech service or program for Esperanto?

Have been fiddling with AWS Polly Polish, but it doesn't say glaciaĵo right and other such words


Note, access to AWS and Google Cloud is not an issue. I am a professional developer by trade and have active subscriptions to both already.

  • Is there any update on this initiative? Interested in where you ended up with TTS Esperanto – Zenon Mar 19 at 18:23

You could try Parol. It also uses AWS Polly, but it first converts the text to Polish orthography as far as I understand. It pronounces glaciaĵo well. There is also an API and the source code is available.

  • Yes, Parol fist makes such conversion, but the result sounds too Polish to my taste, YMMV. In order to embed the speech generator in your software you need an Amazon developer account, which may cost. An alternative is to use Martin Rue's idea of conversation and use Google's speech generator, which IMHO sounds better. – Juha Metsäkallas Feb 25 '20 at 9:00
  • @JuhaMetsäkallas could you explain more on Martin Rue's idea of conversion as applied to Google tts? Would you also choose the Google Polish voice to start? Also, if you have a working example, please share! – ina Feb 26 '20 at 13:49
  • 1
    @ina, go to Parol, click the gear symbol and you will see what changes Martin Rue makes. There are changes for individual letters (e.g. c to ts), for fragments (e.g. io to ijo) and for abbreviations (bv to bonvolu). There are also instructions how to pronounce numbers. I think, that if you do the same changes to a piece of text, but let Google to speak it out with a Polish voice, you get a better result. To compare take the example text of Martin, do the conversion and let Google speak the text out. – Juha Metsäkallas Feb 26 '20 at 18:56

I haven’t tried it but you could have a look at the Common Voice project by Mozilla: github.com/mozilla/TTS


There is a TTS voice for Esperanto called "olga yakovleva spomenka". Not the best in the world, but it is an option. I use it with balabolka. its part of RHVoice, You can search it in GitHub. https://github.com/RHVoice/RHVoice

  • Welcome to Esperanto Language Stack Exchange! Is the "olga yakovleva spomenka" part of RHVoice? If you can, please edit your answer to make that more clear. – das-g Mar 25 at 19:45

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