Are there lists of common words and idioms that native speakers of particular languages often get wrong or try to translate literally, preferably with native alternatives? Something like this would be nice to have when you edit your or someone else's texts before publishing them. I'm particularly interested in anglicisms and rusisms, but any list would be nice to have.

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I have noticed at least following mistakes or bad habits English speakers do or have:

  • use of ĝi as a formal subject: It rains → *Ĝi pluvas*
  • overuse of participles in an effort to express continuous aspect of English verbs: I am doing → Mi estas faranta instead of the simpler Mi faras
  • overuse of the esti passive in an effort to replicate the frequent use of passive in English: The work has been done → La laboro estas farita instead of the simpler La laboron oni faris
  • combine the one just above with an agent structure: The work has been done by the workers → La laboro estas farita de la laboristoj instead of the simpler La laboristoj faris la laboron
  • combine all above to an overwhelmingly complex and erroneous sentence: The work was being done by the workers, when it began to rain → -*La laboro estis farata de la laboristoj, kiam ĝi komencis pluvi* instead of the simpler Dum la laboristoj laboris, komencis pluvi
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    In the examples, instead of "la laboro estas farinta de la laboristoj" it should be "la laboro estas farita de la laboristoj". The same correction applies to all the examples you used with "la laboro estas/estis...". Commented Jun 7, 2020 at 17:57
  • Ofc, see, this happens when I try to speak as complex as some :-) Commented Jun 8, 2020 at 5:34

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