User interface elements that "do" something (such as buttons) are often labelled with verbs or phrases containing a verb:


Or, from this platform:

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In English it's impossible to tell whether they are in infinitive or in imperative, because both take the same form in modern English for most or maybe even all verbs.

It's also usually hard to distinguish whether the user performs the action with the help of the computer / the software (which would indicate towards infinitive, in my opinion) or whether the user orders the computer / the software to perform the action (which would clearly mandate imperative).

What is conventionally (or traditionally) used when labelling UI elements in Esperanto with verbs? Infinitivo or volitivo?


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Use the infinitive unless you need to user to do something:

Ignori supersignojn dum serĉo


Ŝanĝu viajn agordojn kaj provu denove
Retajpu vian pasvorton tiel ke ĝi enhavas ankaŭ ciferojn
Restartigu la programon por apliki tiujn ŝanĝojn

The Style Guide for Esperanto used for Mozilla products uses this.

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