I’m looking for a translation of the word host in the sense of hosting a poker evening or maybe a party. Specifically, I want a word for the person who runs a gaming session in the online Esperanto congress Retoso.

I guess the usual word to translate host is gastigi, but that doesn’t seem appropriate in this case because no-one is a guest and they aren’t being accepted into someone’s home.

Another word in English could be facilitate which John Wells translates as faciligi. That doesn’t seem like the right word at all in this context.

I’m not really sure of the right word in English either to be honest. In French there is animer which seems ideal. If I use Google translate I get this:

Je vais animer une soirée de jeux de société. ➝ Mi aranĝos tabulludvesperon.

This doesn’t seem right either because it gives the impression that you are just organising it. I want to capture the notion that you are also going to be talking during the event and telling everyone what to do like a gameshow host.

  • Ĉu partoprenanto de evento ne estas ia gasto, eĉ se la evento ne estas en la hejmo de la gastiganto? Isn't an event participant some kind of guest, even when the event doesn't take place at the host's home?
    – das-g
    Mar 29, 2021 at 19:16

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Gastigi signifas ankaŭ organizi eventon en kiu partoprenos vizitantoj.

La urbo Montrealo, Kanado, devus gastigi la ĉi-jaran Universalan Kongreson de Esperanto (UN)

piedpilk-stadiono de la gastiganta urbo (Monato)

Fondita cele al gastigo de IJK en 1992, KEJO poste malpli viglis. (Monato)

Kaj tiel plu.

Gastiganto estas do ankaŭ ia organizanto.

Vi ankaŭ povus rekte uzi organizi kaj organizanto sed senteblas pli intima la aranĝo kiam ĝin prizorgas gastiganto (kio cetere evidentigas la ĉeeston de vizitantoj) ol kiam ĝin prizorgas organizanto.

  • I perhaps didn’t phrase the question very well, but I want a word that isn’t necessarily organising the event, but being the person that asks questions to the other participants like a gameshow host. I feel like gastigi is just a passive thing about providing a space for people to be during a certain time. The event could even be organised by someone else, and that person could also pick the person that is going to run the event during the time slot.
    – Neil Roberts
    Mar 30, 2021 at 9:28
  • For me gastigi is not that passive, but ok, you want a term more like a ceremony master, estro de ceremonio or eh ceremoniulo, Note, no verb in PIV. Mar 30, 2021 at 10:47

Why not gastigi? One for instance gastigas retejojn which does not include that any person physically visits somewhere. If you want to be more precise, add something about the event, for instance gastigi ĉe evento.

  • Yes, I guess that makes sense, but it still feels much more like a passive thing where you just provide a place for them to be during some time. I want a word to represent what happens when you participate in the activity and ask questions to the other participants, like a game show host. It doesn’t feel like gastigi captures that sense.
    – Neil Roberts
    Mar 30, 2021 at 9:24

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