I don't need a translator, but a tool to search examples of sentences in Esperanto. The English translation is not really important. What matters is the possibility to find a lot of occurrences in many books, articles, etc.


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Vi havas la Tekstaron de Esperanto, kies tekstamaso nuntempe ampleksas 10.470.329 da vortoj.

Laŭ Vikipedio:

La Tekstaro de Esperanto estas tekstaro (aŭ korpuso) de Esperanto, tio estas granda kolekto de tre diversaj tekstoj destinita al lingvistika esplorado pri Esperanto.

Jen pli da informoj pri la projekto.


You might want to look at Glosbe. A couple of examples:

English to Esperanto: https://glosbe.com/en/eo/exaggerated

Esperanto to English: https://glosbe.com/eo/en/troigi


Tatoeba is a large database of sentences and translations. Its content is ever-growing and results from the voluntary contributions of thousands of members. https://tatoeba.org/

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