I've been trying to find the best word to use for a music stand (the typically metal, often tripod like, stands for holding sheet music open for musicians to play from).

Several web pages I tried suggested muzikportilo, which I wasn't entirely convinced about and I've seen one example of notstarilo which equally didn't seem quite right. Neither of these is present in the online Vortaro and I couldn't find much to indicate they were frequently used.

Then, after going extensively through the Vortaro I saw that the definition for pupitro specifically mentions musical scores:

pupitro 1: Mebleto, prezentanta deklivon, sur kiun oni metas libron, kajeron, partituron, por pli oportune legi aŭ skribi.

So does this mean muzikpupitro would be a better description? Are there any Esperantist musicians out there who could tell me what they use?

  • Laŭ mi pupitro estas jam tute priskriba. Sed se vi volas precizigi vi povas kunmeti ion kun pupitro. Mi preferus partitur-. Commented May 24, 2022 at 18:58

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Jes, Pupitro estas la ĝusta vorto, ne vere bezonatas "muzik-"

Yes, Pupitro is the correct word, "muzik-" isn't really needed

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