Examples for as of:

As of yesterday, I've been married 42 years.

As of the 5th of September I've been speaking Esperanto for seven months.

Examples for as in:

The last letter is a T, as in "Table".

How do you say plain, as in "It's plain to see"?

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In the first case you could substitute "since", so I'd use "ekde". In the second case ("as in"), you could use "kiel en", but it might help to clarify with "kiel en la vorto 'tablo'" or "kiel en la frazo 'oni simple vidas'".


"As of" usually means one of the following: laŭ informo de, ĝis, ekde, plej precize, kalkulite ĝis/de ("calculated to/from"), kalkulite je ("calculated on"). My suggestions are:

  • Ekde hieraŭ (plej precize), mi estas edzo 42 jarojn.

  • Kalkulite ĝis la 5-a de septembro, mi parolas Esperante sep monatojn.

As Benson's answer mentioned, "as in" can be written as kiel en.

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