In serious, day-to-day discussions about the existence and eating habits of unicorns - discussions which are common, I'm sure - should one say unikorno or unukornulo?

  • Common indeed. I read an article of SO today comparing centaur cavalry to traditional men-on-a-horse cavalry, discussing who would be superior. I would assume unikorno to be understandable, though I don't know any languages where the native word is much different. It's Einhorn in German. Sep 16, 2016 at 14:38

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Probably never. I had never heard the word unikorno before and its definition in PIV is simply unukornulo.


Unukornulo is the normal word, and was chosen by Kabe in his Elektitaj Fabeloj de la Fratoj Grimm (1906).

However, there are various traditions considering one-horned beasts (Wikipedia lists the al-mi'raj, camahueto, indrik, monoceros, qilin, shadhavar, and sin-you) and so in formal contexts it might be advisable to use unikorno. And obviously that word is also easier to pronounce.

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