What are the translations or the equivalents to some of the these most used abbreviations of the internet age?

  • LOL
  • WTF
  • OMG
  • ...

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Wiktionary has a category on internet slang:

  • BKV: Bone, kaj vi? -> Good, and you?
  • FDK: For de klavaro -> Away from keyboard
  • GEVA: Google estas via amiko -> Google is your friend
  • KVF: Kiel vi fartas? -> How are you?
  • LMS: Laŭ mia scio -> As far as I know/According to my knowledge
  • MBR: Mi baldaŭ revenos -> I will return soon
  • MDR: Multe da ridoj -> Many laughs (LOL)
  • MTR: Mi tuj revenas -> I am returning immediately/I will be right back (BRB)
  • ND: Ne dankinde -> You’re welcome
  • NG: Ne gravas -> It's not important
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    Telegram, the most popular Esperanto chat, do not use GEVA, LMS kaj MTR. However, KV (kaj vi) is often used.
    – Vanege
    Sep 17, 2016 at 20:13
  • @Vanege That doesn't mean they are wrong. Are the users of Telegram using different abbreviations for the same things you mention? Sep 18, 2016 at 9:19
  • 1
    On Telegram, I've seen "MNS" = Mi ne scias.
    – Sassie
    Sep 18, 2016 at 10:23

Some Esperanto computer and internet slang can be found at this site: Komputeko.

For example:

  • LOL = MDR (multe da ridoj)

I have most commonly seen:

  • mdr - multe da ridoj (lots of laughs) -> "lol" equivalent.
  • bv - bonvolu (please) -> this would be like "pls", but sounds less casual to me; as far as I know "bv." is a common abbreviation in print as well.
  • ndk - nedankinde (you're welcome, lit. not worth thanking) -> "yw" equivalent. I suppose dk (from "dankon" - thank you) would be "ty", but I don't recall seeing it so I don't want to list it.

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