Example sentence: I did a surface-level study of German grammar.

This would mean that I didn't go too deep in my study of German grammar; I stayed at the surface level and got just a basic overview.

My guesses would be somehow joining two words: surfacnivela, or surfaconivela, or surfaco-nivela. I can't find any word like this in the dictionary and I'm not sure about all the rules regarding the joining of two words.

Or, I can use the word malprofunda. But, I'm not sure if that word conveys the same meaning as surface-level does in English.

My attempts:

1) Mi faris malprofundan studon de Germana gramatiko.

2) Mi nur malprofunde studis la Germanan gramatikon.

How should I say this?

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My suggestions would be sendetala or unua or prepara.

  • Mi faris sendetalan studon de la germana gramatiko.

I think surfaca would be understood. Otherwise fari superrigardon ("overview") or just studeton.

Malprofunda and supraĵa are fine but might sound self-condemnatory.

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    Surfaca absolutely is a good choice - it was the first one to spring to mind for me. If by "surface level" Chris also means "superficial" I would say it's the best choice. From "La Ondoj de Esperantoj": Plu sekvis analizo de la bazaj nocioj, miaguste, sufiĉe naiva kaj surfaca Sep 23, 2016 at 11:38

Your examples are pretty OK.

Another possibilities are (additionally to the answers from Andrew):

  • Mi nur baznivele studis la germanan gramatikon
  • Mi superrigarde studis la germanan gramatikon

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